1. Soil health cards : The soil testing laboratory of KVK Muzaffarnagar has prepared 4425 Soil Health cards during 2015-16.
  2. In Saansad Adarsh Gram” Rasoolpur Jaatan” total 1046 Soil health cards prepared & distributed to the farmers. The Dy. Director general declared that 100% farmers of the village got Soil Health cards.
  3. Recognition of the KVK Muzaffarnagar at national Level: The NAARM, Hyderabad identified KVK , Muzaffarnagar for Management Development Programme of newly recruited Programme Coordinators. The MAP course was organized during 4-13 may 2015 where Programme Coordinators from Arunachal Pradesh, K & K, Himachal Pradesh and U.P are participated.
  4. NAARAM Hyderabad identified KVK Muzaffarnagar for FET(Field Experience training) for ARS probationers. The FET Course was conducted during Feb. 2014.
  5. The ICAR Best KVK Award (Zonal) given to KVK Muzaffarnagar on 15 May 2015 at NASC, New Delhi.
  6. Shri Manoj Tyagi a progressive farmer from KVK Adopted Village was selected for facilitation by IARI, Pusa New Delhi. The Union Minister for Agriculture And farmers Welfare felicitated Sh. Manoj Tyagi on 21st march 20146.
  7. Popularization of New Technologies :
  • Pulses : The Mungbean varieties IPM 2-3, IPM 2-14 were popularized by KVK during 2015-16. The better economics led to expansion in pulses area in the district.
  • The Urdbean variety PU 31 gave highest result at farmers field. The average yield ranged between 12-15 qt/ha. The farmers got Rs. 9000/qt price of their produce in the village itself. The technology demonstrated by KVK is being adopted by farmers at large scale.
  • Direct Seeded Rice : The KVK has demonstrated this technology at farmers field to conserve water.

  • The Projects Being Run at KVK Muzaffarnagar

    1. ICAR Funded National Innovation in Climate Resilience Agriculture.
    2. MOA Funded Project.” “Efficient groundwater management for enhancing adaptive capacity to climate change in sugarcane based farming system in Muzaffarnagar district” .
    3. ICAR Funded Attracting Youths in Agriculture (ARYA).