Impact of technologies transferred/disseminated- Cases of large scale adoption


  1. 100% saturation of Soil Health Cards (1046) in Sansaad Adarsh Gram “Rasoolpur Jaatan” which has resulted in significant saving of urea in just one year is Sugarcane crop with saving of more than Rs. 1.57 lacs in whole village.
  2. Introduction and popularization of intercropping modules with sugarcane like Cane + Frenchbean, S.cane + Gladiolus and S. Cane + Mustard. These system have led to increase in profitability from per unit area in the range of Rs. 150000 to Rs. 250000.
  3. Entrepreneurship development in processed honey – A Farmers Producer Company promoted by KVK  which is marketing processed honey in brand name “UP Honey”
  4. 42 Poultry units of 500 each birds established during 2016-17 under ARYA project for self employment at village level. It has been a successful intervention with average saving of Rs. 30000-32000/ Unit in just 38-40 days.
  5. The cluster Frontline Demonstrations (CFLD) in pulses on Urd/Mung/Lentil during last three years resulted in area expansion under pulses in range of 20-30 % due to more net profit from pulses.
  6. Promotion of Button Mushroom Production in district Muzaffarnagar. Total 610 qt compost  used by 16 units with total production of 120 qt button mushroom with net return Rs. 3500/ qt. 
  7. Successful operation of Custom Hiring centre under NICRA Project in Saansad Adarsh Gram with saving of Rs. 1,12,000/-.
  8. Development of “Soil fertility Map” and soil test based advisory services in operational area. The tendency of farmers for heavy urea application is slowly decreasing and farmers are saving on Nutrient application in per unit area.12082 Soil Health Cards(SHC) produced during last five years.
  9. Seed treatment popularized at farmers level in a big way resulting in adoption by more than11000 farmers in area of operation.
  10. Popularization of Tricho cards for control of borers in sugarcane as part of Integrated Pest Management practices on more than 50000 ha area.
  • Formation of Fifteen Women Self Help Groups with saving of Rs.18,91,700 for income generation and transfer of technology.